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Boca Raton Teeth Cleaning

When was the last time you had a checkup? At the office of Alan Wishneff DDS, our experienced dentist and office team are here to make your visits to the dentist’s office as comfortable, satisfying, and stress-free. Offering a sweeping range of advanced dental services for your continued oral health, we’re an excellent resource for the essentials in preventive and family dentistry, as well as a range of leading-edge restorative, emergency, and cosmetic treatments for your smile. If it has been six months or longer since your last oral exam and professional Boca Raton teeth cleaning, we invite you and your loved ones to our office! 

Boca Raton teeth cleaning

As a skilled and experienced dentist, Dr. Wishneff emphasizes the benefits of a comprehensive program of preventive care to maintain optimal oral health. By scheduling semi-annual checkups at our office, we can help to keep your smile feeling clean as well as looking and feeling its best. Preventive dentistry is a combination of professional oversight, education, and personalized treatments that can drastically reduce your risk for a broad range of common dental issues. Among the most common conditions that preventive care can ward off is the development of cavities and gum disease. Gum disease is a progressive condition, which can progress asymptomatically for years. If left untreated, it can diminish the supporting tissues around the teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss. By simply brushing and flossing daily, and coming to our office for your bi-annual oral exam and Boca Raton teeth cleaning, we can keep a sharp eye on your oral health, and reduce accumulations of harmful plaque and bacteria to protect your smile. A periodic exam and cleaning is also an opportunity to review your brushing and flossing techniques, so that you can better maintain your oral health throughout the year. By scheduling regular checkups at our office, we can also keep a close watch out other conditions that may be harmful to your oral health and overall well being and provide the timely care required.

For the continued health of your smile, plan on scheduling your next oral exam and Boca Raton teeth cleaning at the office of Alan Wishneff DDS today!

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